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Early Learners

The EARLY LEARNERS Program at Zion Lutheran School focuses on early childhood with our Preschool and Kindergarten Programs.

Zion’s Preschool is the first step in providing a strong foundation for the development of your child spiritually, socially, academically, mentally, and physically.  This program is designed to develop an excitement for learning, while stimulating your child’s awareness of themselves and the world around them.

The Kindergarten Program continues to promote the development of each child, equipping them with those skills necessary to be successful in first grade.  Components of the Kindergarten program include:

  • Worship Activities and Bible stories
  • Language Arts Readiness
  • Mathematics Readiness
  • Music and Art Activities
  • Computer Awareness
  • Physical and Rhythmic Activities
  • Beginning Science Concepts
  • Socialization

Pre 3 Teacher:  Sarah Rasmussen

Pre 4 Teacher:  Gail Stallings

Kindergarten Teacher:  Pam Degg

Kindergarten Community Helpers

Kindergarten Community Helpers


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