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Excel In Giving

Excel in Giving is a program sponsored by the Michigan District Church Extension Fund and is an option to have your offering to the Lord automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. While this might initially sound a bit unorthodox, there are actually sound theological benefits to this.

  • From a “first fruits” perspective, you can set your tithe aside at the beginning of the year and know that the first portion of your income will always be given to God.
  • Even when you can’t make it to church because you are on vacation, sick, or at work, you can still be confident that your tithe is getting there.
  • You don’t have to remember to bring your checkbook to church! This isn’t exactly theological, but it is nice.

Click Here to Give Online or if you would like to sign up for Excel in Giving just complete the Registration Section located in the Sign In section of the form.

You can also download the Authorization Form, here, complete the information and turn it into the church office and we will sign you up for Excel in Giving at Zion.

If you want more information about Excel in Giving you can visit the Church Extension Fund web site.

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