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To provide our Zion Family a stewardship opportunity to support the mission of the church and school by applying their Scrip rewards toward the church’s General Fund or toward our Children’s Christian Education at Zion or Valley Lutheran High School.


The purchasing of gift cards from over 600 retailers where you shop regularly.  Families at Zion purchase the gift cards and redeem them for the full amount at the retailer.  Zion collects a percentage of the gift card and applies it to either the church’s General Fund or 75% toward a Zion or Valley student tuition payment.

LOCAL MERCHANTS:  We are honored to have our local businesses participate in Scrip and we ask you to visit them often!  See below for a list of local merchants and the promotional contribution.

  • Big Boy                                   10%       500 N. Euclid Avenue, Bay City
  • Brooklyn Boyz                       10%       612 E. Midland Street, Bay City
  • Castaways                              10%      3940 Boyscout Road, Bay City
  • Firehouse Car Wash            23%       Bay City, Saginaw & Essexville
  • Fusion 1 Cafe                         10%       813 Saginaw Street, Bay City
  • Jack’s Market                          2%       Bay City, Saginaw & Essexville
  • Jet’s Pizza                              10%       Bay City, Saginaw & Essexville
  • Latitude 43                            10%       1013 N. Henry Street, Bay City

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Scrip Orders are due to the church or school office by 3:00pm each Monday.

Madeline Bebow, Coordinator

Doug Bolzman, Reporting    

Heidi Douponce, Scrip Team

Brenda Goodman, Scrip Team

Dawn Jurik, Scrip Team        

Zion Lutheran Church and School